Our advantages


Solution includes everything needed to start a streaming service from transcoding up to Apps.

Modern UI/UX

Netflix-like modern UI with interactive main screen, personalization and recommendations.

White Label Solution

We release a set of applications for all popular platforms united under your brand.

Advanced Transcoding

Our multi-bitrate transcoder provides the best quality of video signal decoding and encoding.

Lossless delivery protocol

Our UDP based protocol guarantees signal transmission even over congested networks.

Live TV is now VoD

An archive of live TV is organized as a catalog of all series for every TV program and show.

External VoD libraries support

Our API allows easy integration with different VoD providers.

Continuous development

We are constantly upgrading the platform and applications. Our partners always have the cutting edge solution.


Our apps are available for all popular platforms. This gives remarkable coverage of the audience and helps to gain popularity of the service.

We take great care of user friendly interface and its flexibility to give unique experience and high level of satisfaction to end users.

How it works

Linear TV / VoD

Source: a satellite signal, rights holder’s VoD and TV channel studios.

Encoding / Transcoding

Source signal is recorded and stored as is for future retransmission using our own UDP-based data transfer protocol and transcoded simultaneously into HLS and MPEG-DASH adaptive formats.

Middleware / Storage

Received streams are recorded into a specialized repository with the addition of program start marks, a type of content and items. Additionally encryption, data backup and distribution by caching servers are done.

Control / Statistics / API

All management of streams, catalog, billing, subscribers monitoring and statistics is carried out in the Platform Management Interface. Extensible API is available to integrate with any third party billing system, VOD provider and others.

Mediaserver / CDN

Broadcasting is done either from platform media servers or a specialized CDN depending on a coverage area and subscriber territorial distribution.

Application / Devices

Branded set of apps is released to Smart TV and mobile stores, or provided as an installation package for STBs.


Our customers always have up-to-date product for their subscribers as we are constantly improving our platform.

You pay for active subscribers only.


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