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New amazing FAST service

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We are the developers of an innovative White label technological platform with numerous unique features, serving dozens of IPS, mobile operators, DTH, as well as media companies in Europe and Central Asia. Our platform enables them to offer millions of their users streaming services with the best UX, on par with global leaders

We are actively preparing for the launch in Q4 2024. And we will keep you updated on the countries we will be starting in.

If you are looking for a White Label platform,
let us remind of the key features of our platform:

Amazing  functionality and interfaces at the level of global streaming services

If you don't have the hardware, we can launch your service in the cloud

Apps on all devices are available in your country

Unique features such as a delivery protocol without transcoding, delays from live broadcasting, and with network loss compensation, visual rewind even for VoD integrated via API, a unified catalog for catch-up and VoD, recommendations and personalization, etc

The solution includes everything needed to launch the service. You only need to provide the content and the hardware

Integration with third-party VoD via API

And it's very affordable: You pay revenue share or CPS only for users with an active subscription

Feel free to reach out to us: [email protected]

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For content owners interested in collaborating with our FAST service, we welcome you to connect with us at [email protected]